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Soil moisture–atmosphere feedback dominates land carbon uptake variability

Humphrey, V.
Berg, A.
Ciais, P.
Gentine, P.
Jung, M.
Reichstein, M.
Seneviratne, S.I.
Frankenberg, C.

Logarithmic profile of temperature in sheared and unstably stratified atmospheric boundary layers

Cheng, Y.
Li, Q.
Li, D.
Gentine, P.

Enforcing Analytic Constraints in Neural Networks Emulating Physical Systems

Beucler, Tom
Pritchard, Michael S.
Rasp, Stephan
Ott, Jordan
Baldi, Pierre
Gentine, Pierre

Soil moisture–atmosphere feedbacks mitigate declining water availability in drylands

Zhou S.
Williams A.P.
et al.
Gentine P.


Amazon rainforest photosynthesis increases in response to atmospheric dryness

Green J.
Berry J.
Ciais P.
Gentine P.

Biophysical impacts of Earth greening largely controlled by aerodynamic resistance

Chen C.
Li D.
Li Y.
Piao S.
Wang X.
Huang M.
Gentine P.
Brovkin V.
Nemani R.R.
Myneni R.B.

Vulnerability of Antarctica’s ice shelves to meltwater-driven fracture

Lai, C.Y
Kingslake, J.
Wearing, M.G.
Chen, P.C.H.
Gentine, P.
Li, H.
Spergel, J.J.

Large and projected strengthening moisture limitation on end-of-season photosynthesis

Zhang, Y.
Parazoo, N.C.
Williams, A.P.
Zhou, S.
Gentine, P.


Land–atmosphere feedbacks exacerbate concurrent soil drought and atmospheric aridity

Zhou S.
Williams A.P.
Berg A.M.
Cook B.I.
Zhang Y.
Hagemann S.
Lorenz R.
Seneviratne S.I.
Gentine P.

Large soil moisture impact on terrestrial carbon cycle

Green, J.K.
Seneviratne S.I.
Berg A.M.
Findell K.L.
Hagemann S.
Lawrence D.M.
Gentine P.

Projected increases in intensity, frequency, and terrestrial carbon costs of compound drought and aridity events

Zhou S.
Zhang Y.
Williams A. P.
Gentine P.


Large increase in global storm runoff extremes driven by climate and anthropogenic changes

Yin J.
Gentine P.
Zhou S.
Sullivan S.
Wang R.
Zhang Y.
Guo S.

Deep learning to represent subgrid processes in climate models

Rasp S.
Pritchard M.
Gentine P.

Could machine learning break the convection deadlock?

Gentine P.
Pritchard M.
Rasp S.
Reinaudi G.
Yacalis G.

Critical impact of vegetation physiology on the continental hydrologic cycle in response to increasing CO2

Lemordant L.
Gentine P.
Cook B.
Swann A.
Scheff J.

Tall Amazonian forests are more resistant to precipitation variability

Giardina F.
Konings A.
Kennedy D.
Uriarte M.
Oliveira R.
Gentine P.


The impact of anthropogenic land use and land cover change on regional climate extremes

Findell K.
Berg A.
Gentine P.
Krasting J.
Lintner B.
Malyshev S.
Santanello J. Jr.
Shevliakova E.

Potential for natural evaporation as a reliable renewable energy resource

AH Cavusoglu
X Chen
P Gentine
O Sahin

Regionally strong feedbacks between the atmosphere and terrestrial biosphere

Green JK
Konings AG
Alemohammad SH
Berry J
Entekhabi D
Kolassa J
Lee JE
Gentine P

Failure of Taylor's hypothesis in the atmospheric surface layer and its correction for eddy‐covariance measurements

Y Cheng
C Sayde
Q Li
J Basara
J Selker
E Tanner
P Gentine
Sensitivity of NDVI to isohydricity

Sensitivity of grassland productivity to aridity controlled by stomatal and xylem regulation

AG Konings
AP Williams
P Gentine


Global variations in Ecosystem-scale Isohydricity

Konings A
Gentine P


Diurnal fluxes

Fog and rain in the Amazon

U Anber
P Gentine
S Wang
AH Sobel


Precipitation frequency and amplitude

Probability of afternoon precipitation in eastern United States and Mexico enhanced by high evaporation

KL Findell
P Gentine
BR Lintner
C Kerr

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