Ideas and perspectives: Tree-atmosphere interaction responds to water-related stem variations

van Emmerik T.
Steele-Dunne S.
Gentine P.
Oliveira R. S.
Bittencourt P.
Barros F.
van de Giesen N.

Large increase in global storm runoff extremes driven by climate and anthropogenic changes

Yin J.
Gentine P.
Zhou S.
Sullivan S.
Wang R.
Zhang Y.
Guo S.

Soil texture effects on surface resistance to bare soil evaporation

Lehmann P
Merlin O
Gentine P
Or D

Global Downscaling of Remotely-Sensed Soil Moisture using Neural Networks

Alemohammad S.H.
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A global spatially Contiguous Solar Induced Fluorescence (CSIF) dataset using neural networks

Zhangn Y.
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Zhou S.
Gentine P

Deep learning to represent subgrid processes in climate models

Rasp S.
Pritchard M.
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Implications of non-local transport and coherent structures on Monin-Obukhov Similarity Theory and Townsend’s attached eddy hypothesis

Li Q.
Gentine P.
Mellado JP.
McColl K.

Coupling between radiative flux divergence and turbulence near the surface

Gentine P
Steeneveld GJ
Holtslag AAM
Heusinkveld B

Land–atmospheric feedbacks during droughts and heatwaves: state of the science and current challenges

Miralles DG
Gentine P
Seneviratne SI
Teuling R

Could machine learning break the convection deadlock?

Gentine P.
Pritchard M.
Rasp S.
Reinaudi G.
Yacalis G.

Effect of urban cloud cover reduction on aridity and fire danger in coastal California

Williams A.P
Gentine P.
Moritz M.A.
Roberts D.A.

A phenomenological model of soil evaporative efficiency using readily available data

Merlin O.
Gentine P.

Spatio-temporal convergence of maximum daily light use efficiency based on radiation absorption by canopy chlorophyll

Zhang Y.
Xiao X.
Gentine P.
Zhang Y.
Steinbrecher R.
Ardö J.

Critical impact of vegetation physiology on the continental hydrologic cycle in response to increasing CO2

Lemordant L.
Gentine P.
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Swann A.
Scheff J.

Tall Amazonian forests are more resistant to precipitation variability

Giardina F.
Konings A.
Kennedy D.
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Reconstructed solar-induced fluorescence

Gentine P.
Alemohammad S.H

Enhanced canopy growth precedes senescence during Amazonia droughts

Liu Y.
et al.
Gentine P.

Reduced solar-induced chlorophyll fluorescence from GOME-2 during Amazon drought caused by dataset artifacts

Zhang Y.
Joiner J.
Gentine P.


Diel ecosystem conductance response to vapor pressure deficit is suboptimal and independent of soil moisture

Lin C.
Zhou S.
Huang H.
Gentine P.

Drought-induced adaptation in evaporative anatomy impacts drought resilience

Guerin M.
Benito-Martin D.
Griffin K.
et al.
Gentine P.

Estimating surface soil moisture from SMAP observations using a Neural Network

Kolassa J.
Reichle R.
Alemohammad S.A.
Gentine P.

Role of surface friction on shallow convection

Park S.
Böing S
Gentine P

Estimating global ecosystem iso/anisohydry using active and passive microwave satellite data

Li Y.
Guan K.
Gentine P.
Konings A.K
et al.

Uncovering exposures responsible for birth season–disease effects: a global study

Boland M.R.
et al.
Gentine P.
Tatonetti N.P.

Coherent structures in large-eddy simulations of a non-precipitating stratocumulus-topped boundary layer

Davini P.
D'Andrea F.
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Subtle trends in physiological traits can explain the unexpected increase in water use efficiency

Mastrotheodoros T.
Pappas C.
Molnar P.
Burlando P.
Keenan T.
Gentine P.
Fatichi S.

Water, Energy, and Carbon with Artificial Neural Networks (WECANN): A statistically-based estimate of global surface turbulent fluxes using solar-induced fluorescence

S.H. Alemohammad
B. Fang
A. Konings
C. Prigent
F. Aires
J. Kolassa
D. Miralles
P. Gentine

The impact of anthropogenic land use and land cover change on regional climate extremes

Findell K.
Berg A.
Gentine P.
Krasting J.
Lintner B.
Malyshev S.
Santanello J. Jr.
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Climate Classification is an Important Factor in Assessing Quality-of-Care Across Hospitals

Boland MR
Parhi P
Gentine P
Tatonetti NP

Potential for natural evaporation as a reliable renewable energy resource

AH Cavusoglu
X Chen
P Gentine
O Sahin

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